Tam Pham

This is my personal website but I am not important.

What I'm focused on today: Teaching the beautiful game of chess to four elementary schools a week with private students on the side. Investing energy in my friendships and family. Finding peace through yoga and self-love.

Short story of my life:

I dropped out of college at 18 for many reasons, but mainly to focus full-time on my first startup (that failed miserably).Instead of going back to school, I read a book called Recession Proof Graduate that showed me the best way to learn how to start a business is to apprentice under entrepreneurs you admire. I spent the next 5 years sleeping on couches, sneaking into conferences I couldn't afford, and cold emailing hundreds of people to work for anyone I could. I eventually got lucky. I completed six internships before turning 21, wrote two books about my journey, and gave speeches to students across California. I started my own marketing freelance business where I helped clients launch an NYT bestselling book, generate over $900,000 in their first year's revenue, and grow an email list to 100k subscribers in under 6 months. During this time, I lived the "digital nomad" life and traveled to South Africa, Mexico, Thailand and more to (1) have fun (2) learn about new cultures (3) spend the time to reflect on my life and future.I came back to the United States and made the tough decision to stop working with all my clients. I've been on the same track for so long that I never experimented what it might be like to do something different. My energy started to gravitate to chess. My friends made fun of me when I told them I would spend 4 hours in Thailand every day playing chess on my laptop. But that's what I felt was the right thing to do. I had a breakthrough with my life coach where she helped me realize how much I loved the craft and how excited I am to promote this game to the world.

I love talking to strangers online. Please introduce yourself and say hi! You can also contact me for private chess coaching and other opportunities.